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Samahan Tea

It is always better to treat yourself naturally rather than taking chemicals and similar substances  that your doctor may prescribe to you, but at the same time usually warns you that it is not recommended taking them longer, not to mention the fact that there is also a long list of possible side effects attached to the medicine. Fortunately, there are natural alternatives to common medicines (it is actually funny to use the word “alternative” for something that is purely natural …) that by its very nature are in harmony with the human body, their side effects are often minimal or negligible and for their harmlessness it is neither a problem to use them for a long time. In this article, we will focus on Samahan tea, which is (not only) a great natural substitute for drugs such as Coldrex or Paralen, the flu and cold medication – both contain paracetamol among other substances, which is poisonous to the liver at higher doses and in combination with alcohol, and you may have an allergic skin reaction while taking it (at the same time it is not recommended to use it during pregnancy due to adverse effects on the fetus which may be critical).

Samahan is an herbal tea, an instant drink from Sri Lanka based on an ancient Ayurvedic reception. It originates in India and Sri Lanka, where it has been consumed since ancient times. Samahan consists of 14 kinds of herbs and spices while the main ingredient is ginger. The composition is designed so that the individual components interact synergistically and help each other increase their effects. Here are the individual ingredients and their effects:

  • ginger (spice) – dissolves mucus, heats the body and relieves stomach problems
  • zingiber officinale – warms the body and starts sweating, great for warming cold limbs and to balance low pressure
  • black pepper – improves blood supply into the organs and thus increases their supply of nutrients and oxygen
  • long pepper – perfectly relaxes the airways and strengthens the lungs and bronchi
  • coscinium Fenestratum or Kalumbian wood – excels in antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects; plant extract has traditionally been used to treat cold sores in India.
  • hedyotis herbacea – supports the immune system and relieves pain; the entire plant is contained in the Samahan mixture and was used already by the ancient Mayans
  • evolvulus alsinoides linn – strengthens memory, relieves anxiety and has a beneficial effect on the nervous systém; in Kerala (India) is among the sacred flowers
  • licorice – soothes cough and dissolves mucus, thereby expectorating it, thus facilitates expectoration
  • caraway – relieves muscle tension and cramps
  • adathoda – helps alleviate allergic reactions
  • java galangal – it significantly strengthens the immune system and acts against free radicals
  • premna herbacea – works against fever and lowers temperature
  • coriander – supports the activity of the heart and the entire circulatory systém
  • ajowan – excellent against colds, coughs and flu, thus destroying bacteria and viruses

The list of effects of individual ingredients is truly impressive. Samahan is recommended to be administered immediately after worrying about possible reactions to bad weather or increased concentration of sneezing and twitching people around you. The optimal daily dose is 3-5 sachets. For children under five, use half the bag. At the same time, you can dissolve the sachet in a larger amount of water, reducing the warming effect, but giving you a full-fledged cup of delicious tea that has the right tang.



  • Bobby Allen

    Hi Michal, love your site and found it very informative and professional.
    You might run the spell check through it again as the very first line has a misspell in “body”
    I’m certainly not qualified to critique any further as i am also a beginner.

  • Lynn

    It is really great if this works. There are increasing number of people suffering from depression and anxiety. If Samahan tea really works, it will truly be a better alternative than the usual medication. How long will it take to see the effect after taking this tea?

    • admin

      Hello Lynn, I have been using samahan tea for a long time every time I feel worse, and for example, in the case of flu, I start sweating immediately after drinking (of course, less diluted is really effective, otherwise it can be drinking as a normal tea for prevention). During the flu season I drink it regularly every day and it is true that it often happens to me that people around me fall like flies, and I survive it unscathed:-) I really recommend to try it. And if you are more interested in the depression/anxiety topic you can find a separate article about that: http://beetyful.com/herbs-for-depression-and-anxiety/

  • Zas

    Hi there,
    Thank you for this info. I have actually been searching for natural remedies for a few issues for a while now. This is tea is definitely going to be on my list.

    My mom has actually been struggling with a cough (having a lot of mucus etc) for a long time. Doctors keep giving her all sorts of medication and treatment, but it is still persisting. I am hoping this tea will help her in some way.

    Now I just need to see where I can find it. Thanks again

    • admin

      Hello there,
      I am glad that the article is useful for you, it won’t be a problem to find Samahan on Amazon for example, this tea is becoming more and more popular in Europe… It naturally helps to release mucus so it is really worth trying. The question is the origin of coughing… the cause of mucus… I wish your mother a speedy recovery and the best of luck!

  • Alaba

    I heard about this tea on tv a couple of days ago and after hearing the incredible benefits I decided to research about it.

    I found most of the ingredients and trust me it is really hard to find them in my city. However, I could not find
    java galangal. Can you recommend an alternative to that?

  • Monalisha


    Your post is really wonderful and helpful. I am looking for some Ayurvedic tea for my grandmother I think I found it by your post. You write that samahan tea is a healthy tea for weak and anxious people. So, I really want to try it. Again thanks for your helpful post. I will share it with my friends.

  • Carol5162

    Wow! This article is BEAUTIFUL! Even before I read it. Who are those beautiful women?

    I’ve grown up in a tea plantation and I can tell for a fact that tea is beneficial. We strongly believe its healing components especially when down with a flu.Thankfully, more varieties are being discovered.

    I have heard it told that the Samahan tea is also ideal for weight loss. Is it because of the component that makes you sweat?

    • admin

      Hello there Carol, thank you very much for your positive comment! I think that those are ladies working in fields of Sri Lanka…I liked the calmness in those eyes so I used it as a cover picture 😉 And as for your question… it could be like that because of the sweating, it may work as a fat burner… I haven’t focused on this aspect yet, but it might be worth exploring… when I find out something more about that it will for sure end up on this site 😉 

  • Chait

    It is so true!  The drugs prescribed by  wester medicine are all derived chemicals and they are designed to address the symptom and not the cause.  The emphasis is on the symptom and hence the side effects take a back seat.

    In contrast, Ayurveda has holistic approach and has been practiced for over 5000 years – hard to beat that stats.

    I am very interested in the natural remedies.   I had never heard of sampan tea.  I like the way you have explained its ingredients along with its effects.  The flu season is here and I am going to make sure the sampan tea is in my pantry.


    • admin

      You’re more than welcome, I also have it at hand during the flu season and it really is a good protector… and you are totally right about the approach in western medicine and only there, it is the same in Central Europe, I can tell.

      Take care!

  • RoDarrick

    Wow! This seem like a miracle product that does more than a lot for a not so much amount. But seriously I can’t seem to grasp my head around the effectiveness of this product. It seems to tackle alot of things and if it truly works like being written about, it would help a lot of people because its a more friendly means of taking in medication.

  • Raquel

    This is so timely. It’s now getting colder and people are encouraged to take flu shots. I just got well after a week of being sick. I’m with you, I would love to go for natural remedies rather than prescription medicine. I just think it’s so much better for the body and it won’t hurt our kidneys. Will definitely try Samahan tea. It’s great that this works for both adults and kids. Since you mentioned that this is not good if you’re pregnant, is it advisable if you’re breastfeeding? Thanks!

    • admin

      I don’t think it should hurt if you will dose it in small amounts and drink more diluted (like normal tea) … after all, ginger and pepper are quite “spicy”, but the dilution would lessen its effect. There are two things that can be affected while drinking some herbal teas – the quality of milk but also the lactation itself (reduction)… and the question is also the possibility of allergic skin reaction because those spicy ingredients.

  • Vicki

    What a wonderful tea and I would love to buy some 

    My friends Son lives in Shrilanka learning about tea and Jesse is loving living there. I am so excited about this tea as I know it will help with my ailments, mostly age-related 🙂 and I have arthritis and know this tea will help me immensely

    Thank you so much

  • Paul

    Thanks a lot for the informative and helpful post. I must say I found your post highly uplifting & educational and I can tell you I have taken some great insights from this post.

    To share from my own experience…

    In the part of the world where I live Samahan tea is very famous (I live in India). I always drink Samahan tea whenever I get severe cold and I will take two sachets with hot milk and drinking it two to three times a day gives me a good relief.

    Although we use it but I am unaware of its ingredients and the details you shared is very helpful. The best thing is you shared what each ingredients can do or the benefits of each ingredients which is amazing. The cost is also very cheap and affordable.

    Great information, you have really given a lot of value here.

    Much Success!


    • admin

      Thank you, Paul, I appreciate the comments from a person who is more dedicated to the topic and has experience with it 😉

      Take care!


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