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Brahmi – Mental Fitness

Nowadays it is quite common to deal with concentration problems, forgetfulness and fatigue. Whether you are a manager, student, or anyone with a challenging job, surely you have the feeling from time to time that your head will explode of all the things that your mind must hold and focus on. Your mind has to face a lot of load, you often get stressed and feel like you can’t go any further. And you’re tired of it all. Your mind then needs to be encouraged – someone reaches for coffee, someone uses energy drinks or various pharmacy encouragers. Or we can take inspiration from Ayurvedic medicine, which has been tested for thousands of years. In Ayurveda, a small plant known as Brahmi is used to strengthen memory, concentration and mental performance, and has a positive effect on stress.

The medical name is Bacopa Monnieri, its original home is India and in translation it is called “cosmic consciousness”. It has been a part of Ayurvedic medicine for over 3,000 years. If we look at the chemical analyzes of this herb, we would find a lot of active substances that are pharmacologically important. These include, for example, alkaloids, herpestin, saponins, but also bacopaside. Among the more well-known ones we can mention beta-sitosterol, flavonoids and many other minerals. However, the main effects are caused by saponins, which increase the transmission of nerve impulses.

Brahmi revitalizes nerves and brain cells, improves short-term and long-term memory. It expands the thinnest vessels of the capillary, thereby increasing brain blood flow. It increases intelligence, acts against senility and aging, and thus alleviates Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Brahmi is ranked among antioxidants, which are substances capable of counteracting free radicals in our body. At the same time, it contributes to the normal functioning of gallbladder and overall cleanses the body from harmful substances and toxic substances that threaten us every day. It is used to increase vitality and concentration, has positive effect against mental stress, depression, anxiety and negative emotions. In addition, it is rich in vitamin C.

Brahmi is recommended to all who need to improve their concentration, the ability to learn and to re-equip the learned material – students, mentally-working, people over the age of forty. Nervous system toning, stress relief and improvement of peaceful sleep can be beneficial to people with concentration problems, to those who have had a stroke and to mentally depleted.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women with health problems and children are advised to consult their doctor before taking this herb.


  • Eva Babika

    Thank you for an interesting article. I have never heard of this herb, it is completely new to me. However, is it possible to buy to make a tea out of it or the capsules are the only way? I’m asking because I experience difficulties with swallowing pills and capsules. Is it possible to grow it at home? 

    • admin

      You are more than welcome. The capsules are not the only way, there are also dried extracts from the plant, some oil and also a powder (mostly used for hair revitalisation which is also a benefit of this herb). You can aso grow this plant at home, just keep in mind that temperatures should not drop below 18 degrees Celsius.

  • Sue

    I found this article particularly interesting because my husband and I are always looking for natural ways to improve our mental focus (especially as we get older). This Brahmi plant is something that we’ve never heard of. I had not ever of the Ayurveda system of medicine with historical roots in India, until I read this article and did a bit of research. Is the plant itself only found in India?

    Thanks so much for sharing your Mental Fitness knowledge with us. This is something my husband and I will definitely be looking into!


    • admin

      Hello Sue, nowadays, Brahmi is growing almost all over the world, for example, in Africa, Asia, Australia, and America. Plant is also easy to grow… I really recommend to check out the Ayurveda medicine, it is really interesting and effective.

  • Jim

    Very informative article about the knowledge of the Chinese medicine. I liked the layout of the site and the movement from one article to another. the pictures also added to the content of each article. The Organ Clock was most interesting. I did not ever think about how the organs function and that they had a daily timing as to when they are active. 

  • Ronald L Washington

    Beetyful?  When I saw your title I thought you were doing a review of beets and/or beet juice, something that has become popular on the web and specifically on health sites. It was a pleasant surprise to have you introduce Brahmi. After reading the great detail you layout about the plant I am very intrigued. I’m a high school teacher and I am always grateful when I can learn something new. 

    Your explanation of the properties and benefits of Brahmi makes it sound like an indispensable product for brain, body, and beauty! I’d like to know how/where I can get some and in what forms. Can you expound on that? I’m really interested.

    Thanks for introducing this to me.

    God bless you!

    • admin

      Sure, you can check out the link below this article, it is a product I can recommend… these are capsules with 100% raw brahmi extract, really effective. And you can also start using brahmi in form of a tea.

  • Twack Romero

    Today’s frenetic life is a constant, certainly for me. Finding time to relax is difficult as there is always something to do. It is no surprise, therefore, when trying to concentrate on more thought involved tasks, we can sometimes struggle. You are right that many of us turn to artificial methods for help. Over the past few years I have made a conscious effort to take the time to find alternate ways of navigating through life healthily. I have recently listened to an interview with Deepak Chopra, who is indeed an advocate of Ayurvedic medicine. This article has opened up my interest even more into the realm of finding natural alternatives that can be used in the modern world. We must never underestimate the earth’s ability to provide natural solutions to man made problems. 

  • Robert

    This is great information. I have never heard of Brahmi before but then again there are lots of medicinal plants and herbs I have yet to discover, I not only have an interest in plant-based medicine, I also use lots of natural medicine and it was part of my all natural cancer treatment back in 2000/2001.

    Ayurvedic medicine is one of the types of medicine I have been learning about over the years. There is this integrative medicine cancer doctor Sunil Pai, who I have watched lecture on plant-based Ayurvedic medicine that he integrates with western medicine for best results.

    I think if more people can learn about Ayurveda and plant medicines like Brahmi, they would not only learn about what is effective and safe for thousands of years but they could start to understand that pharmaceutical medicine is not as great as western doctors make it out to be. God’s natural medicine is always best.

    • admin

      Hi Robert, you are absolutely right, (not only) Western medicine is building a lot on business, and instead of root cause it often deals with the symptoms themselves, not to mention ignoring the prevention itself and the key to self-knowledge and a healthy attitude to one’s body and psyche.

  • Nate MC

    Do you have any recommendations on which Brahmi supplement to take? This seems like a good herb to take to reduce stress and to improve one’s ability to learn. Thanks for writing this up, I know more about Brahmi and might consider taking it, but I would prefer to use it in its rawest form.

    • admin

      I recommend the product which is below the article, these are capsules, anyway you can get it not only in this form, but also as a crushed herb in a bag or even in the form of tea.

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